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       Dongguan jia ling precision hardware co., LTD. Founded in 2005, is a professional tool to create the manufacturer with independent research and development ability and tooling equipment manufacturers. Companies in the eight years of development, through elaborate technology research and development, to develop new equipment their quality carbide cutting tools and cutting tools.
Tool and equipment company has abundant technology team, after many years of continuous innovation to develop full process equipment of carbide cutting tools, also set up special equipment and tool research and development department, constantly upgrading our products to adapt to market changes.
         Jia ling precision is a professional letter for CNC engraving machines, engraving and milling machine, processing center and development of small shank diameter, high speed, precision series engraving and milling. Cutting tools, is recognized at home and abroad well-known carved ......

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A series of CNC Burin
Cleaning Bottom Bits
3D V Bits
Left-helical Double-edged Cutt
Up&Down Cut Two Spiral Flute B
Taper Ball And Mill
Long Cel Flat Bottom Engraving
Radiused Bottom Engraving Bits
Flat Bottom Engraving Bits
Half Straight Bits
Two Spiral Flute Ball Bits
Three Spiral Flute Bits
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